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Exo Cage on the XJ

Well I decided that since I have a little boy now it was due time for a cage on the XJ just incase it ever flips, so that way myself, passengers and my son will be safe.

To see pics and progress follow links below

We got the back tubing done on the first day and then jumped onto the rest the second day, we got 90% done in a day and a half

Here is where it got interesting..
I grafted on the rear edge off the roof to my cut so that way we could keep the hinges and the angle of the tailgate so it would open correct.. I also kept the rear support beam inside the roof and moved that up so now the "c" pillar is stronger then it ever was..

Well Drove it out of shop today

Here are finished " for now" pics

you can see I did not fix all the dents on passenger side..i figured they would probably get smashed again


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