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    Raleigh, NC 27609
     E-mail: info@impaks.com


I am 40-year-old;  born in Long Island, New York and raised in Connecticut. I currently live in Raleigh, North Carolina. 

I grew up playing sports such as soccer, track and bicycle riding with my family. They instilled in me a great love and respect for the outdoors and sports that has continued to grow with me through the years (Thanks Mom and Dad).

I am now a total Automotive lover and love doing anything outdoors. In addition to Vehicles and Fab work,  I still love to mountain bike, snowboard, hike and play sports.

Since I was a little child,  I always loved to see those really tall Jeeps and 4X4's driving around town. I just could not take my eyes off of them. Well all those years gave birth to a bug, a virus you might say that sat dormant for years, growing and growing until one day the virus took over my body. I had to have a 4x4, I had to drive a 4x4, I had to feel the dirt and mud flying up from beneath the tires. But as always it wasn't that easy. I was just a young kid, 15 or 16 I guess, and had no money to fund such a dream. So the years passed and I did things to appease the beast growing inside -- buy a 4x4 it said, I could afford a '77 Buick Skylark.  Com'on buy a 4x4, I could afford a '85 Buick Century; Oh lets buy a 4x4.  Instead I bought a Nissan Sentra -- until the day came that I could finally afford my dream and let the urge out.

All this goes to one fact, I finally became a proud owner of a Jeep -- a 1993 2-wheel drive, 2dr, Metallic Green Jeep Cherokee! Hey it was not the off-road 4x4 monster that I wanted but it was a start.
Until YES, YES, Finally!  Finally the day had arrived.  I became the proud owner of a 1998 4x4, 4dr, Gun Metal Blue Jeep Cherokee! 

Since my Purchase of the Jeep, I have gained a ton of new, good friends who have been more than helpful in my search to fill my  Jeep Madness. Top of the list would have to be Rob Underwood. Without him I probably would never have dug deep and made that finally purchase. So Rob, thanks for all your help and being a great friend.

Then there are some other good Jeepin' buddies Scott Roberts (w/ his very clean TJ),  Lonnie Tromba (w/ Overkill you figure it out) and John Herr (w/ a sweet M38a1 & and Toyota).  They have instilled in me a new found pride in my love of 4x4's. They let me know it was not something to hide, but something to be truly proud of and to show the world that not all Jeepers are knuckleheads.

As the years have passed the one thing I have been wanting to do more of is Race. In 2010 I raced my XJ in a KOH qualifer in Harlan KY #449 and then in 2018 I built a new XJ and raced that in King of the Hammers in California #4620.

The Race bug has bitten me !!!

Well for now look around, click on some links and most importantly -- HAVE FUN and be Safe' !!!

As always Tread lightly and be safe.    -Editor/Owner aka: BRUISER

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