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Hey all,

Well I just got super lucky and bought a Mint 1985 4 door truck.

The Story:
Life took a change and I had a little boy ( yippee I am a DAD )but the STD Cab was not going to cut it anymore with the family growing.. so I had to make some decisions..

1st idea: get an ext Cab truck and convert mine to ext cab..

2nd idea: get a 4 door crew cab and convert that to diesel and run that. They are Hard to find.

3rd idea: sell my STD cab and buy a newer truck with back seats..

- So I got a EXT cab but it needed a lot of work and it would not fit on my frame easily.. so that was not going to work.
- So I listed my truck for sale. I had a bunch of tire kickers but no one would settle on a price or come up with money, then diesel fuel raised to $4.00 a gallon and all the calls stopped.

At this point I was getting irritated and wondered if this would work out or not. or would I be stuck with STD cab.

then out of the blew a friend sends me a link to a 4 door Dodge for sale but with no pics.. so I contacted guy.. and he still had the 4 door.. WOW. so eventually he sent me pics and it took a few weeks to get it, but man I am so HAPPY.. this TRUCK is MINT.

So the project plan is to take the drive train out of my STD Cab CTD and put it into this 4 Door Dodge.

So here are pics of my new project..
towing the truck home:

yes the Chevy has a Cummins :)

Here are other pics.



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