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Coming back for revenge

As this was our second time racing in KOH we wanted to do better and go faster. We spent many long nights and weekends preparing the race jeep. Imrprovements in suspension, gears, shocks, leafs springs, air bumps, and more.

With our rig already teched from the 2018 season we were able to focus on pre running and prep for the big race. This year we also reserved a spot inside HamemrTown and that was a great decision versus being out in the desert. After we went over everything we went out for some desert testing and we found our air bumps were set to stiff and had to adjust them a few times but after some work we had the Cherokee dialed in andwe were running 45 in the whoop with no issues. It was AWESOME to go faster then we did last year.

Race day. Woke up felt great, lined up. We were towards the end of the group this year as we did not qualify. The big differce this year vs last was the jeep felt great. So instead of just takign it easy we went for it and passed the car lined up next to us on the first jump( that was fun). We headed out into the desert and once we cleared the first sand hill with no issues we really opened it up and went for it. It was so awesome to be racing at top speed across an open lake bed with no one catching us and everything goign smoothly. we had no issues all the way to pit 1 where we had the guys check over the car to be safe and they found a lose long arm nut. so they tightened it up and we were off.We made it all the way back to Pit 2 and the control arm nut came lose so they tacked it up with a welder and fill up the fuel and we headed back to the Main Pit. No major issues getting back to main but our shocks were deffinetly wore out and we could use some improvements for next year. After main pit we were back out on part of the open desert heading to the rocks and again the jeep was great and doing well (air bumps really helped since shocks were wore out) as we made it to pit 2a we blew right by as we had plenty of fuel and jeep felt great. Once we got into the first big rock section I noticed that the front diff felt weird and had a weird noise. We stopped and checked it out and could not find any issues so we kept coming as we got to big johnson there is a large rock you have to crawl up and as we tried the front made some terrible noises and we then realized that either the front gears broke or the locker broke. So we moved to the side and Doug my Co driver help 6 other race teams get over the rock. Once all was clear we built a ramp out of rocks and I launched the jeep up and over in 2wd drive. as we continued up the front got worse and worse to the point we were having a hard time even going forward. So we made it 107 miles and had to call it a day. It was a blast and I really cant wait to try it again. Now onto the East Coast series to see if we can better our 2nd place series championship from last year.

So year one we did 48 miles, year two we did 107 miles hopefully year three will be a completion and maybe even a win :)

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