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Coming back for revenge

As this was our third time racing in KOH we wanted finish the race. We spent many long nights and weekends preparing the race jeep. Imrprovements in suspension, wiring, leafs springs, and more.

With our rig already teched from the 2018 season we were able to focus on pre running and prep for the big race. Again year we also reserved a spot inside HamemrTown and loved it. One of the many great parts of this years race was a ton of freinds made the trip again but the best part was my son and my dad came out to experience this crazy wild event.

Race day. Woke up felt great, lined up. We started 6th as we did not qualify even though we messed up in qualifying(wont talk about that). I decided since we were in the front lets not kill the jeep and pace ourselves in the first 5 miles or so than we can hammer down. We headed out into the desert and once we cleared the first sand hill with no issues we really opened it up and went for it. It was so awesome until it was not at race mile 3 when we came up on the large sand hill. I hammered down and a 4500 or 4800 car was stuck and as I was coming up on them they turned right in front of us so I had to hit the brake hard which than made us stuck in the sand. I quickly backed up and as I was i realized the steering was not correct. So Scott Mac and I hoped out and we found a steering cooler line broke so we quickly repaired it so we coudl continue but in the 10 minutes or so to fix that the entire pack of 4600 cars passed us :( so we went from 6th to last and had to now try to push hard to continue and make it. We were doing well and making good time and speed all the way around the first lap and then we went up the rock hill coming into hammertown and I choose the wrong line which put my front tire into a hole that a 35" tire gets swallowed up in which rolled us over and put the jeep onto its side. Scott and I were fine with no issues so we climbed out and the recovery team rolled the jeep back over but the cage was comprimised to the tech team (JT) made the call to NOT let us continue racing (it was the correct decision even though we did not like it at the time) So we made it 70 miles and had to call it a day. It was a blast and I really cant wait to try it again.

So another year without a finish :(

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