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  Project '98 XJ: Bruiser

This is the current project rig of iMPAKS.com. I bought this Jeep back in Aug of '00, just as the offroad bug had bitten. A brush guard, and a trailer hitch were the first mods that went on, and to date those are the only mods I haven't done myself. After attending my first Jeep Jamboree in October of '00, I knew I had to have a lift and bigger tires. By August of '01, I had a 2" lift and 30's, and the wrenchin' hasn't stopped since...

I've originally tried to stick to realistic medium mods and not go to extreme... but that did not last long at all, because I believe if you have the urge and willingness you can learn to do everything yourself. This started as a hobby and has turned into much, much more...


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